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NOTICE: Correct use of laryngophones

PLEASE NOTE The Laryngophone is a MEDICAL device which NEEDS to be learned in order to be used correctly.

Those who use this type of device for the first time will therefore need to receive tutoring in order to learn how to use it.

Being able to speak through a device involves a different learning process from the ways used to speak through the larynx. The learning process is not complex and fast enough; our tutors provide precise indications that allow you to have optimal results, right from the first use.

ATTENTION, those who do not use the customer assistance / tutoring service, unable to use the device, believe that there is a malfunction;

since the laryngophone is a sophisticated device, if it is not used correctly, the volume and the vibration are not calibrated, they seem to produce an excessive NOISE and prevent its correct use.

AMPLICORD, as manufacturer, provides this service, offering it FREE with the first purchase.

Tutoring is also possible in remote mode, to guarantee the service throughout Italy and abroad; one of our specialized technicians is responsible for training the customer and providing him with all the necessary support.

We therefore recommend that you always use the FREE TUTORING SERVICE AT THE FIRST USE and ALWAYS contact the assistance before possibly sending the device to the laboratory; in almost all cases it is, in fact, not a malfunction, but an incorrect use.

Thanks for the attention

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